Business Meals

Organising a business meal is not an easy task. The atmosphere and the quality of the meal can be decisive, and no detail should be overlooked. With more than 20 years of experience in the restaurant and catering service in and around Geneva, Chefs Dupont & Byrne put their exceptional “savoir-faire” at your disposal in order to create your perfect business meal. No matter the chosen option — table service, hot or cold buffet dinner — the two Chefs prepare a true gourmet experience that will impress and delight your guests.


Comme au restaurant

If you wish to organise a business meal in your company’s premises, Dupont & Byrne’s catering service travels throughout the Geneva area and provides impeccable service, worthy of the best restaurants. The teams bring all the necessary provisions to prepare very fresh high-quality food.

At the table or around a hot or cold buffet dinner, regardless of the number of guests, the Chefs Dupont & Byrne promise a gourmet experience, original and elegant.


Marked by excellence

Over the years, the Chefs Dupont & Byrne have earned a reputation of renowned chefs in the Geneva area, thanks to their love of cooking, their attention to detail, their creativity and the synergy that binds them together. These 2 starred Chefs constantly design, always making the most of their experiences, travels and encounters, and redistribute their knowledge flavour by flavour, at the table or on a hot or cold buffet dinner. With Dupont & Byrne, your business meal is in good hands; enjoy.

Also, do not hesitate to check the Chefs private lounge at the restaurant, the Lion d’Or in Cologny, as well as its breathtaking view of the Geneva bay. An unforgettable moment for your customers and/or business partners.