Office luncheons

A la carte or tailor-made, Dupont & Byrne pre-establish with you varied and balanced menus. Give your employees the luxury of high-quality cuisine at affordable prices. The 2 Chefs catering service elaborates their meals according to your needs and the diets of your employees. Thanks to their free and intuitive cuisine, Dupont & Byrne take you by surprise and bring, in their own way, a touch of magic and happiness in your workday.


As often as you like

The Chefs concoct luncheons as often as you like, for each day of the week or for a special event, such as the office Christmas party. With the catering service of Dupont & Byrne, the staff canteen becomes both a pleasure and a source of motivation and inspiration.

Daily, weekly, monthly or for occasional meals, reward your employees with a tasty and unique cuisine.


Your company deserves the best

Dupont & Byrne attach the most importance to your well-being and that of your employees, and offer you balanced luncheons, prepared with eco-friendly and organic ingredients that will make you (re) discover the pleasure of “haute cuisine”. Bring gourmet cuisine into your company and share moments of culinary joy with your colleagues. Nothing like a meal of quality, original and elegant, to strengthen the links between your teams.

It is also possible to book the private lounge of the Auberge du Lion d’Or restaurant for your business meals.