The unforgettable

Our life is punctuated by unforgettable moments, out-of-time events that allow us to build our happiness stone by stone, and which memories we cherish. It may be a birthday, an anniversary, a coming-of-age celebration or a religious consecration, such as Bar Mitzvahs or baptisms. Bring out the magic of these moments with the Dupont & Byrne catering service. The 2 Chefs travel the Geneva area to organise hot or cold buffet dinners or extensive table service, wherever and however you wish. Entrust the reins to these cuisine hedonists and share, at an affordable price, a highly gourmet cuisine with your loved ones.



Celebrate your birthday easily thanks the talent and experience of the Chefs Dupont & Byrne. Their catering service takes care of all the organisation of your event and propose a delicate and original cuisine, inspired by many travels and encounters. Regardless of the number of guests and the set-up, the 2 Chefs offer a tailor-made event that will make your birthday an extraordinary day.

Hot or cold buffet, gourmet meal, cocktail dinners, impeccable service, choose the Dupont & Byrne solution to celebrate your birthday in the Geneva area.



Baptisms and Bar Mitzvah

Certain events take a special place in our hearts, such as baptisms and Bar Mitzvahs: a unique day to celebrate a major milestone in one’s life with their family and friends. Treat your guests with Dupont & Byrne catering service. The Chefs bring all the necessary provisions on the spot, anywhere in and around Geneva, to concoct you a luxurious hot or cold dinner buffet, for quite affordable rates.

Also, do not hesitate to privatize Chefs Dupont & Byrne restaurant, the Lion d’Or in Cologny, located a few steps from the village church.